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Proven track record of corporate telework programs:

BBF is a furniture manufacturer, so why do we know so much about telework?

BBF provides more than just smart furniture that works well in remote office locations.

Since 1997, BBF (Bush Business Furniture) has had a proprietary delivery and install model (Install 360™) which allowed us the capability to service the needs of not only corporations but of individuals who needed to get furniture to one location, one time, anywhere in the US. This allowed us to uniquely assist companies who were creating telework programs, continually improving our logistics and product designs and then providing the "last mile" portion of setting up an office at home.  With over 10,000 offices at home installed, numerous Fortune 100 company leaders and project heads turned to us to for answers.  BBF's custom work at home programs are the result of years of honing our expertise, developing partnerships and finding tried and true guidelines that will make your program shine.

Why is furniture so important to telework?

The home office is considered an extension of the corporate office, thus workers' compensation insurance coverage continues to apply to employees while working at home.  Ergonomic training and proper furniture installation and usage will mitigate the risk for workers' compensation claims.  In order to properly address employee productivity and efficient functionality - they should be equipped with the same tools and equipment supplied to them at the corporate office.

BBF has the resources to help simplify the complexities of crafting a successful telework program. Our telework resource site will assist in:

  • Determining the feasibility and defining the scope of a proposed remote worker program
  • Planning implementation within critical time frames and budgets
  • Providing training guidelines
  • Measuring success: establishing performance and evaluation criteria

Learn more about these and other telework topics at BBF's staging.theofficeevolution.com.

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