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Series C: Natural Cherry
When you need furniture for a private office, you can't go wrong with Series C. It's a classic product with timeless styling and lasting appeal. Series C is the standard-bearer: everything you want and need, and nothing you don't.


  • Broadly appealing
  • Unostentatious
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Clean
  • Complete
  • Freestanding and modular - easily added to

Appropriate for:

  • Middle management
  • Small business owner
  • Accountant
  • Real estate agent
  • Insurance agent
  • Government Offices

Available Finishes

  • Natural Cherry

  • Warm Oak
    Warm Oak

    Warm Oak

  • Mahogany


  • Hansen Cherry
    Hansen Cherry

    Hansen Cherry

  • Light Oak
    Light Oak

    Light Oak

  • Mocha Cherry
    Mocha Cherry

    Mocha Cherry

  • Auburn Maple
    Auburn Maple

    Auburn Maple

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